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SA-MP - Public Enemy [0.3z]

Bericht door Rico » 03 november 2014, 11:10

Ik denk ik deel m'n oude werk weer even voor mensen die nog interesse hebben in SA-MP.

Download Links:
2: ... D.rar?dl=0

SA-MP Forum Topic:

Host Information:
Script: I mostly enjoy the Public Enemy script, I started playing on a server with this gamemode in 2007.
Since that day, I have never really had interest in any other gamemodes.

Server Information:
Objective: Complete missions, gain levels, upgrade your weapons, buy a house with your own car.
Join or create a gang/crew and gain respect, most important to have fun and enjoy the community.
Missions: You have the hotwire, deathmatch, briefcase, cashbox and streetrace missions.
By doing these missions you will gain cash and experience to buy your next level.
Hotwire: Find the marked vehicle and deliver it to the checkpoint.
Deathmatch: Compete against other players in a gunfight.
Briefcase: Pickup the briefcase and deliver it to the checkpoint.
Cashbox: Pickup the cashbox and deliver it to the checkpoint.
Streetrace: Compete against other players in a race.
Experience: You can earn experience points by doing missions, for example: if you win a streetrace.
You will achieve 1/4 streetrace points, if you reach 4/4 points you will gain 1 expierence point, same with other missions.
Most Wanted Criminal: When you complete a missions you will become the Most Wanted Criminal, and have to evade death.
You have to stay alive for 5 minutes, else your experience point and cash from the mission will be lost.
Levels: When you reach a certain level, you're able to buy a house and upgrade weapons.
The higher your level, the more vehicles and weapons become available.
Gangs: You can either join or create a gang, simply by adding a [TAG] infront of your name.
Start recruiting members and form a group to complete missions or to defend yourself against other gangs.
Crews: Start for example your own racing crew and compete against other racing crews.
Simply by adding a [TAG] at the end of your name.


Additional Information:
SA-MP has always been one of my favourite online multiplayer games.
I'd very much like to give people the opportunity to enjoy their time with this script.
This script currently has one warning considering the virtual worlds, but I don't have the time or motivation to continue this project.

Code: Selecteer alles

[SA-MP 0.3e] Official Server\gamemodes\pen1sa.pwn(21024) : warning 204: symbol is assigned a value that is never used: "world"
Pawn compiler 3.2.3664	 	 	Copyright (c) 1997-2006, ITB CompuPhase

Header size:           8852 bytes
Code size:          1288228 bytes
Data size:          2344544 bytes
Stack/heap size:      16384 bytes; estimated max. usage=5311 cells (21244 bytes)
Total requirements: 3658008 bytes

1 Warning.
It would be a shame to leave such a nice gamemode to waste away by time.
The script is able to use for host, but it has always been under construction.
I believe the accounts and permissions are still in this download, so don't forget to edit.
I also believe the scripting method used is quite out-dated, but I've never used any other.
I hope you like it and I hope you can improve the script to keep it alive.

- Changelog
* Back to Los Santos.
* Gang areas.
* Houses added.
* Virtual world fix.
* Customized missions.
* Spawn locations.
* Several commands.
* Animations.
* Instant /buycar.
* Removals of functions.
* Edits of functions.
* Additions of functions.
* Objects added.

December 2011
-Customized: Text, several commands, admin commands, server information.
-Fixed: Several commands, admin commands, login screen, bugs.
-Additions: Houses, Teamcolors, Carupgrades, Admins, RCON GUI.
-Removals: Several commands, auto-ban.

January 2012
First Place Dutch Server Rank List.
SA-MP Server updates:
-Customized: Text, several commands, admin commands, server information.
-Fixed: Houses, businesses, missions, buylevel.
-Additions: Upgrades, missions, gangzones, rules, houses, instant carupgrade.
-Removals: SF-LV businesses.

May 2012
SA-MP Server updates:
-Customized: Updated server to SA-MP 0.3e.
-Additions: New /attachments.

... Many more but I wasn't planning on releasing this project so I didn't really keep a log myself.
I'd say if you liked Public Enemy in the past, this is a must, to check out.

- Credits
Original Pen1LS - Denver(Astro)
PEN1LV - [X2G]Sneaky
Public Enemy: LS-SF-LV - [TDM]Relax (
Public Enemy [SA-MP 0.3e] - Zephyr

I'm sorry if I forgot to name you in the credits, I can always add you to the credits if you think you should be named.

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Re: SA-MP - Public Enemy [0.3z]

Bericht door Finny » 03 november 2014, 18:34

Hey Rico,

Weet niet in hoeverre jij verstand hebt van SAMP/Pawno, maar wij hebben een eigen server: Country War. De server wordt tijdens LAN-party's gebruikt en dan regelmatig op gespeeld. De server zelf is redelijk stabiel, echter is de code heel erg basic en beschikt de server over weinig tools/opties ingame. Misschien dat jij daar iets voor kan betekenen? Misschien is er dan een mogelijkheid (dit valt te overleggen) om de server 24/7 te maken mocht daar voldoende animo voor zijn.



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Re: SA-MP - Public Enemy [0.3z]

Bericht door Rico » 03 november 2014, 22:42

We kunnen wel een keer kijken, geef maar een poke op TS als je tijd hebt. ;)

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